Our logistics management is comprehensive, allowing companies to view inbound and outbound supply chain movement. With our services, Greating Shipping can lower logistics costs and inventory carrying costs, along with minimizing delays in customs.


For expanding businesses and companies, it would mean serving more customers over a large variety of geographic locations. Supply Chain Management entails the link between the consumer, the company, and the supplier. At Greating Shipping, we help manage our client’s global inventory so the cargo will smoothly arrive at the designated location for the best price available, while complying with the latest government regulations. We work closely with your business to reduce cost, avoid customs fines, and increase service quality.


Our logistics management is comprehensive, allowing companies to view inbound and outbound supply chain movement. With our services, Greating Shipping can lower logistics costs and inventory carrying costs, along with minimizing delays in customs.


Route Planning: We will help determine the best routes to efficiently utilize carrier fleets and minimize cost and time between locations. Transportation Planning: To improve transportation plans and consolidation, we optimize plans based on daily schedules and across multi-period transportation. International Trade Logistics: It is our goal to provide our clients with visibility in cargo transport, updated trade compliances, and total landed cost calculations. Transportation Procurement: To reduce costs for our clients, we select from a large number of carriers, focusing on pricing and quality of service.