For shipments that do not fit standard containers because of size, shape, or weight, our Project Cargo services will provide for your logistics needs.


For shipments that do not fit standard containers because of size, shape, or weight, our Project Cargo services will provide for your logistics needs. Our methods of transporting unconventional shipments include utilizing tow-able tracks, specialized platforms, and lifts. Project Cargo is a highly specialized field of logistics services that requires extensive knowledge and experience in the area. Our success in Project Cargo work lies with our specialists who have the experience and capabilities to overcome logistical challenges that arise daily. From the initial site to the final destination, our Project Cargo teams will always provide economical and efficient solutions to ensure fast delivery with an emphasis on affordability. We focus on clear communication to ensure that all parties are updated on new developments during the shipment process.


What is considered to be Project Cargo?

- Cargo that will not fit in a standard ocean container
- Cargo that fits in a standard container, but will require special handling or loading
- Cargo that fits in a standard container, but will be more economical to ship as RORO, e.g.: automobiles, small trailers, etc.
- Cargo that is too heavy for a standard container

What are examples of Project Cargo?

- Earth moving equipments, mining equipments, heavy machineries, industrial machineries, generators, transport vehicles, boats/yachts on trailers or cradles, cranes, motor homes, plant assemblies, turbines, etc.

What are other terms for Project Cargo?

- Oversized or Over dimensional
- Out of Gauge
- Big & Heavy