By using DDP service, the buyer holds no responsibility over the goods until the cargo is delivered to the destination.


Our Delivered Duty Paid service can be used with any type of transport. With DDP, the seller (exporter) is responsible for all customs formalities along with delivery to the final destination specified by the buyer. By using DDP service, the buyer holds no responsibility over the goods until the cargo is delivered to the destination.

Seller Responsibilities:

- Produce goods and documents noted by the sales contract
- Manages export clearance formalities
- Acquires and pays for transportation of cargo
- Assumes responsibility for loss or damage for goods up until arrival at the destination
- Manages import clearance formalities

Buyer Responsibilities:

- Pay for goods noted by the sales contract
- Provide seller with all legal documents (licenses and authorizations) necessary for customs clearance
- Pays the costs applicable after goods arrive at specified destination
- Review seller’s transport documents to ensure they conform with the original sales contract