Cargo insurance is an integral aspect of freight forwarding and international transportation. Though we always prioritize safety when transporting your shipments


Cargo insurance is an integral aspect of freight forwarding and international transportation. Though we always prioritize safety when transporting your shipments, there are always risks involved beyond our control. Our staff will explain the potential liability in the transport of goods and we will create an insurance program best suited to your needs. We believe that carriers are not responsible for paying claims if they were not a contributing factor to the loss.

Typical exclusionary factors include:

- Acts of God
- Explosions
- Acts of war
- Derailment
- Vandalism
- Hijacking
- Theft
- Earthquake
- Water damage
- Smoke
- Wind
- Lightning
- Hail

By insuring your cargo, covered losses are paid without the need to prove carrier negligence. A combination of worldwide coverage, low deductibles, and claim payments based on insured value represent the best precautions in the event of cargo loss.