Our service assists clients by combining the many small shipments into full container loads for efficient and cost effective transportation.


At Greating Shipping, we strive to provide the best combination of fast transit times, schedule flexibility, and solution affordability. Our experienced staff will assist you through every phase of cargo transit with careful documentation and tracking, ensuring quality service. One of the fundamentals of this service is to allow clients to purchase quantities of items that are ideal for their needs without regard for what quantity is required to fill a container. Our service assists clients by combining the many small shipments into full container loads for efficient and cost effective transportation. Our consolidation program allows for less than container load shipments with the economic aspect of a full container load.

The Network

Through an extensive network, Greating Shipping will manage all the consolidation activity at all ports of export. We utilize a variety of techniques to ensure smooth consolidation of less than container load shipments across continents.