Greating Shipping is the single source contact for all your inland transportation needs.


Greating Shipping is the single source contact for all your inland transportation needs. For cargo that requires only ground transport, we try to simplify transportation to get shipments from Point A to Point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our trucking programs are formed with the client’s needs specifically in mind. By working with major railroads and trucking companies worldwide, we provide flexible schedules to suit your logistics needs.


Our network provides access to a large selection of vehicles and equipment required for a long haul. Because timing is critical, we work to ensure smooth transit of your shipments by implementing careful tracking and documentation to prepare for changing scenarios and to guarantee the best solution possible. To maintain our high level of service, we contract with carriers that are known for rate integrity, quality service, and up-to-date equipment. By closely reviewing carrier contracts and safety ratings, we minimize your risks in transports.


• Truckload transit for containerized or LCL freight
• Rail-road transit
• In-bond movement
• Diversion
• Yard management
• Daily shipment tracking