Greating Shipping Company’s sea-air service provides an innovative plan for those who either do not have the time necessary for ocean freight or the budget for air freight.


Greating Shipping Company’s sea-air service provides an innovative plan for those who either do not have the time necessary for ocean freight or the budget for air freight. You will be placed at a significant advantage in terms of both cost and speed of transit times, especially if you require the transport of low inventories or have a less urgent shipment. Cargo is first shipped from one of our global ports and then flown to the final destination. The excellence in our system sea-air system lies in consistent communication and documentation in all phases of transport. By utilizing speed in combination with flexibility, our services will enable you to save on both “air only” costs and “sea only” transit times.


· Inland transportation to gateway airports
· Packing and crating
· Airline insurance
· Complete import and export documentation
· Technical support
· Shipment status availability
· Air Freight Products & Services
· Airport to airport / Door to Door / Combination
· Shipment Pre-Planning
· Cargo Booking & Pick-up
· Delivery Verification